What Does It Mean To Be An Adult

What does it mean to be an adult?

That is the REAL question isn’t it? Type that question into Google and you will get millions of results from education websites, psychology websites, magazine websites, and just about every blogger website out there. And yet, all the advice is still the same. That to be an adult means getting an education, and/or getting a job, getting married, having children, getting a mortgage, and being a responsible and contributing citizen in society; more or less in that order. However, none of this advice actually explains the transition of leaving childhood behind and jumping into this new role of who we should be. Where can you look for information on the actual impact of what it is like to realize you need to be an adult and have no idea of how to get there? Most of our information comes from people who have trekked this journey before us, however the times are a’changin’ and the struggles that our parents, grandparents and mentors faced are not the same struggles that young adults are facing today. Without getting too far into the political and economic arena (yet), adulthood of today has newer challenges that our predecessors just did not have to face. This has created an interesting (one of the words I’d use for it) dilemma in that the experiences our mentors have to offer advice with are no longer relevant to what it means to become an adult. What this means is, is that the young adults of the new millennium are pretty much flying by the seat of our pants trying to mold into a model that is no longer valid.

So, back to the original question. What does it mean to be an adult?

From this humble blogger’s opinion, It is not your marital status, your career status, nor the size of your bank account that determines whether or not you are an adult. Instead, adulthood is reached when one takes over the mindset of an adult. You are an adult when you can act with responsibility and care of thought required to make adult decisions. When faced with a problem you do not childishly jump into action, but you wait and weigh your options for the most effective strategy for you or people who will be influenced by your actions. When making plans for the future you can break these plans into achievable goals and most importantly follow through with action. when looking for answers to life’s harrowing questions you use every resource available to you instead of accepting the first answer you receive. Also, you are able to adapt your knowledge as new information becomes available.

So then, the second question. How do you prepare your mind to think like an adult? The short answer is . . . there is no short answer. To start this transition one must be first ready to take that step into adulthood and leave childishness behind. There is a learning curve to figuring this out and at times it can be scarier than the floor suddenly being lava. However, rest assured that you are never alone in this journey. Remember . . .

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