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Dear Reader,

Young adulthood is a scary time. Just last year our days were decided for us. We got up, we went to school, we came home or went to a part time job, we did homework, and we went to bed. Then all of a sudden this routine, this comfort zone, changed on us; and we are now required to decide for ourselves when to wake, when to go to school, when to work, how long to work, where we CAN work, and what time we should go to bed. In one swift rush, we became the masters of our own fates, and for some this is a powerful time. However, for the rest of us mortals, this time of our lives is the most nerve wreaking, nonsensical, disorderly, and overwhelming time. Worst of all, all the education and training that was required of us about a year ago has absolutely no relation to what we are experiencing now. All the essays we had to write on Shakespeare or logarithms we had to solve in algebra do not mean anything in the real world. Furthermore, finding assistance in our time of need is about as effective as playing Jeopardy. You pick a topic and you wager a bet on an answer only to find out you asked the wrong question. Fortunately for our generation we have the internet. However, all the advice articles and blog posts on problems we face are vague at best. Likewise, going to older adults for advice is simple in theory, but bewildering in execution. Who do we go to? What wise, old sage will have all the answers? How do we approach our parents, or professors, employers, or mentors for the advice we need; and how do we relate our problems to theirs? They may have faced the same issues that we do, but they did such a long time ago that their experiences may no longer be that relevant or efficient to our needs. This is a confusing time for many young adults; and most of the time the best advice is given by those who are experiencing the same things you are at the same time you are. That is why I am making this blog. It will bring together all the information a young adult may need to navigate this trialing phase of life and provide relate-able insight to what our generation faces in deciding where to go from here. Such as; how to find the right school or career. How to balance everyday expenses and prepare for larger ones. How to be self-sufficient. How to rise to the challenge of this new experience while battling this tumultuous time.

My goal is to provide you with all the relevant information that can be found to aide you through your late teens and twenties in order to accomplishing th

e goals you have for your life. I will also provide my own experiences to what I have faced and what I have learned from these experiences in the hopes that you can learn from them as well. I do not claim to have all the answers, but I at least want to be able to give you a positive and especially thorough starting point to help you through this hectic time. I look forward to us going through this journey together.



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